MapleStory: Strongest Class of Each Type (2019)



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  1. Kinesis do have two skills that auto recharge PPs. One is like a psychic field that recharge PPs when they deal damages. And there’s no cool down. The other is an instant buff that recharges half of total PPs, take like 30s to cool down. If you combine these with the main attack skill, your PPs is charged all the time. One problem I have is the mobility sucks compare to other classes but I think that’s mages in general.

  2. Angelic Buster sucks. It took me ages to get her from 195-200. Switched my main to Hayato and lvling from 190-200 was a breeze. I'll be using him to fund my other units as soon as I can get him into end gear.

  3. 1: WARRIOR – Blaster
    2: MAGE – Kinesis
    3: THIEF – Night Walker
    4: ARCHER – Pathfinder
    5: PIRATE – Angelic Buster

  4. Just started Mapling again to share the good times I had as a kid with my little sister. Wasted half a day trying to research the changes in classes; character creation screen with all the new classes really confused me, thought it'd be like the old days where we'd start on a noob island as generic beginners, then travel to specific places to train for our class.

    Is dexless/strengthless still a thing?

    I've been looking for skill-builds/guides to no avail. I've read that now we're supposed to simply 'auto-assign' AP.

    Mind you, I've played Maple 10-15 years ago. What's the go-to database for builds/guide these days?

    Thanks, mates.

  5. Kinesis main, one thing i'm jealous towards teleport type mobility characters is that I ALWAYS run into attacks and take unnecessary damages to myself… since I always have to jump up before abruptly changing direction midair
    Lotus and Damien is my current arch enemy and I hope I wont find more like them…
    and why even did they nerf his phychic bullet to not let multiple micro blackhole exist… it used to be so easy racking up PP as long as there are mobs at the end of my attacks 🙁

  6. i just came back ti maplestory after years and what happend to the game ? its 100% different from the way it used to be

  7. Do people still play maple story gms? I have. Few characters level 170+ . Wondering if I should hop back on . I’m posting this comment on 11/6/19

  8. I come back to this video every other day just to hear what you say on 4:21 so I don't have to be bitter by myself about mages.

  9. Really giving me an overload of nostalgia in this video with Sonic Heroes Seaside Hill ost with a MS gameplay.

  10. Outpaced by nearly any class that benefits from green pot and has mediocre mobbing.

    Rewarded handsomely LUL.

    Blaster is not the strongest warrior. Hayato and Hero outperform Blaster in every way sans tankiness. If you make a case for strongest tankiest warrior then it's Blaster. No other warrior class can negate every non-debris attack by 35% while also sporting 3 ways to proc 1.5seconds of super stance and have 3 iframes, 2 of them being 8 seconds~ long, with one of them on a 100s CD btw and the 3rd being a micro skill based 1-2s~ iframe. Borderline tied with Paladin for tankiest class in the game. As for damage, the 700 required APM to match the dumb theorized DPM charts is humanely impossible, good luck reaching those numbers. Blasters are overall top 10 DPM barely, with Hero and Hayato outpacing them in damage as warriors, both burst and DPM thanks to the green pot meta and GMS' hard speed cap of 0. My vote for best warrior would be Hayato as they are the only warrior that can mob really well without having poopy bossing (rip zero), they also don't require you to be a masochist to play.

    And I hope you bleach your eyes for having the gull to assume Blaster was initially a virgin pirate, they are chad warriors using mother fucking pile bunkers to punch shit so hard that they explode.

    PS: Mobbing – Blasters barely outpace Hero exp rates

  11. what happen to maple?i play it since 2005,and the damage anyone can hit until 100k is super pros,now what?million stacking damage?dafuq

  12. I’m pretty sure Kanna is the strongest mage at the moment, not to mention their amazing mobbing and utility

  13. As a TMS player, can you maybe make a list based on TMS items such as Breath of Divinity or Dragon Slayer Armor? Also as a Kinesis main I feel very represented 😀 Keep up the great video!


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