Meet PogoCam – A removable, mini but mighty, camera for your glasses!


PogoCam is a mini but mighty, removable camera, that allows you to capture the moment without your phone!

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  1. Great product… Looks really nice but I'll wait when they come up with the second generation.. 30 seconds is still to short for me.. But Pogo is moving in the right direction.. Hope it can stick on for extreme sports

  2. I love the idea a lot, I love how they look and I love that it can connect to glasses, but 30 second videos is way too short to be useful to me. I'm very sure many people feel the same way. I suggest making it possible to record for at least a few minutes or more before making the product for sale to the public. Ideally 5 or more minutes of video possible would be great. 10 minutes would be very great. Please don't take this as hate. This is critique from a possibly interested consumer who would love to use these for youtube videos and indie horror videos if the video length were to get longer.


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