Memory leak in C/C++


See complete series on pointers and dynamic memory in C/C++ here:

In this lesson, we have explained the concept of memory leak in C/C++. This is a good interview question also. Memory leak happens due to improper use of dynamic memory in a program when we get some memory using malloc and do not free it, when its not being used.

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  1. Really enjoyed this playlist about pointers, I was quite afraid about using them because I didn't understand them well. But now I really enjoy the concept and very useful the teaching about memory management! I'll check your other playlists too!

  2. char* C=(int*)malloc(3*sizeof(char))
    Do we need one more character to store null termination? I guess not, why? I mean here it's not important (or we could add it and in the next line instead of – 1 we write – 2), but what if we want to read it like string, then we would include it, right?

  3. Hey. Thanks for the tutorials. I really appreciate them. But theres something id like to know. When the Play function gets deleted it deletes the Pointer as well. Right? What would happen when i allocate the C Array in Main? Then my pointer would be in main and couldnt be deleted? It feels like a waste to write the value 'J' 'Q' and 'K' in the C array every time Play starts anew. Feels kinda wrong when i think about big projects that would deal with 10000 Characters instead of just 3.

  4. Thanks a lot for this playlist …it was very informative and the programming concepts including heap ,stacks which come under memory management was taught in great depth…thanks a lot again .

  5. looks like using Heap makes you a winner and using Stack makes you a looser.
    Serious: How on earth can such s little program make the memory usage "shoot up" thousands of bytes after a few steps?
    Did I miss something?
    Ok i rewatched the part: "after some time of playing…" .. i wonder how much time it took to increase the memory 140.000 Bytes…

  6. I know this video is old and no one will probably see this but my teacher can succ your dikh when it comes to teaching programming languages

  7. i have one simple code to check out memory leak in task manager…..



    #define SIZE 100000000// replace memory size here!!

    void leak()


    int *c=(int*)malloc(SIZE*sizeof(int));

    int i;




    void main()


    int i;



    printf("do u want to increase the memory? press 1 to continue.n");









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