Monotron Blues in C# – Korg Monotron Delay Processing Electric Guitar


The love for my Monotron Delay grows the more I experiment. Today I discovered that it
works amazing on electric guitar. I have my Danelectro Dano Pro plugged into my Vox AC4. The AC4 is connected to the audio in of the Monotron Delay via the external speaker output. I have the attenuator on the Vox AC4 set to 1/4W, I found this to yield the best results. The guitar signal is running through the filter and delay of the MD before getting passed through a second stereo delay on the Kaoss Pad 3.



  1. what about connecting the monotron delay to the effects loop? wouldn't it sound better? (although i must say this is the best quality monotron delay-guitar sound on youtube)

  2. Flipante! ese riff hipnótico que se repite hasta la saciedad mientras la guitarra te va llevando por un viaje psicodélico a través del desierto ^^

  3. What remains to tell of your work? I will be forced to repeat! Great video, as always! I liked this especially because it reminds me of things I've always heard. I really like the progressive rock of the seventies. If you knew how I liked it! Sounds very good! The electric guitar solos are perfect. Great!


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