MySQL In Asp.Net MVC CRUD Application Using Entity Framework


How to Create Asp.NET MVC With CRUD Operations Create Update Delete and View Using MySQL Server and Entity Framework.

Required Software :

MySQL Server 5.5:
MySQL Connector For Net 6.9.9 :
MySQL For Visual Studio 1.2.7 :
MySQL WorkBench :

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Download Project From :

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  2. When I click on Next after adding the database the dialogue box just closes. It doesn't allow me to select the table for the Model class, nor does the class get added. Please help

  3. I have a problem, after choosing my database connection, the
    options: NO, exclude sensitive data from the connection string. I will set it in my application code … AND the
    option: Yes, include the sensitive data in the connection string… are both grayed out/disabled so i can not pass this stage…
    Am using Xamp with MySQL Work Bench

  4. Hello! @6:05 the Choose Model Contents in my case, didn't have the option "Generate from Database". It only contained "EF Designer from database", "Empty EF Designer model", "Empty Code First model", and "Code First from database". Which one should I choose?

  5. sir i'm using wind 7 pro x64 and my mysql for visual studio 1.2.7 msi is not installing in my window. it showing error" mysql for visual studio 1.2.7 wizerd ended prematuraly" 🙁 I'm using vs 2017

  6. Элементарно не видит MySQL, даже когда установил все необходимые файлы. Как можно решить проблему? Переустановка не помогла

  7. I am unable to see MYSQL Database option in Change Data Source, I have used VS 2017 and with that, I am using Mysql for VS 1.2.6, MySql Server5.7.17 and Connector/Net 6.6.7,6.10.4 but none of them worked. What would be the possible reason?


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