NARROW DEFEAT AT ANFIELD 😩 | Liverpool 2-1 AFC Bournemouth


Highlights of the 2-1 defeat Anfield, as Callum Wilson was on target for the Cherries.

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  1. Just cant understand EH thinking Rico on switch it and all would have been fine, For crying out aloud get rid of Solanke , Surridge must wondering why he ever came back, If Surridge had been in Akes position then bang goal!!
    We all make mistakes EH just take it on the chin lose the money get rid of him, Liverpool must be rubbing their hands to think what was paid for him an absolute nightmare and now Billing is hurt, You fool stand up say you cant cut it and want to leave , let Sam have a chance.

  2. All you “Liverpool fans” stop moaning about that push you won anyway and VAR has already helped you win the league !

  3. I watched the game on bt and I thought tbf bournemouth played reasonably well take that into the rest of your games you will stay up I really hope you do good luck

  4. Do you cherry fans really believe that Wilson shoving Gomez in the back is acceptable? Foul all day long referee is a disgrace

  5. I blame Simpson for the second one aswell. Just wondering around out of position, anything can happen in midfield, so you need to stay alert. Terrible terrible defending

  6. I understand Why ake wanted to be unselfish but should be more greedy in chances like that head up boys going into next week's match

  7. Swear they pulled a random fan from the crowd to play centre back, if I was fit enough, I guarantee I would have played better, Simpson was dreadful. Was worried everytime he had possession

  8. As a chelsea fan, you deserved a draw. Liverpool have been lacking recently and you deserved better. Stop calling yourself cherries its just annoying aswell thanks!!

  9. What a wonderful decision to bring on the kid when there were more capable and veteran players on the bench which cost us the game , well done Bournemouth coaches. Harry rednap where are you


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