.NET Obfuscator – How to use ConfuserEx Tutorial


ConfuserEx Link –
Telerik Decompiler –

ConfuserEx Anti-Decompiler Demo and Review .NET obfuscator antidecompiler



  1. I was close to say " why you copy /paste ? " until i recognize the voice . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARH0uRFQ9Q8
    Nice man , you got a sub

  2. Hi, I got the following error:
    An error occurred creating the configuration section handler for Settings: Could not load type 'XTEST.SettingsSection' from assembly . (C:UsersXXXDesktopToDeletePROJECT_TESTXXbinDebugConfusedXTEST.exe.config line 4

    I tried starting from max to normal, but the same error I got
    Thanks advanced

  3. I used it for a while. But now it seems not supported, if I am not mistaken. Now I use ArmDot for obfuscation and protection programs from hacking, it is good

  4. VS2017pro, I got an object reference not found exception when I attempted to open the folder menu option. Uninstalled.

  5. Can you tell me about Publishing the app with Visual Studio after the obfuscation? I mean, how can you say to VS to upload the obfuscated .EXE and not the other one?


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