New 2018 Bypass Google Account Samsung NO (OTG) NO (PC) Easy WAY


A new way to bypass google account verification SAMSUNG


this is the trick to unlock google lock on any devices you don’t need computer or OTG cable or any software

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  1. ok so far every method has not come up with same screens or options like videos not sure what the point is and y the people seem so praise such success

  2. ill confidently refer you to this pro for SPY/HACK related issues,i can swear on my dads grave he is LEGIT

    his services are fast and reliable remember a stitch in time saves nine.

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  4. OK got to Google via another means put can't go to many websites because I get a message saying Java script isn't turned on. So can't download anything from FRP unlock sites or whatever. Any idea how I get around that?

  5. Well, I have tried this method and sadly, it is NOT exactly working for little ole me here…It was good up UNTIL the verifying your account page and then, I entered just random letters and then, I pressed the highlighted random letters EXPECTING to get SHARE and all that I got for choices was just CUT AND COPY and this is it!!…So, I have a very curious and interesting ? for all that is reading my comment here…WHY OH WHY IS THIS METHOD NOT WORKING FOR ME??!!…I mean, since I am only getting CUT AND COPY AND NOT SHARE…What do I do now??!!…Any help appreciated here and thanks!!

  6. lol i found a samsung j3 2016, on the bus and i used this method and it worked! kinda surprised it worked lol the website changed a bit but it still works 100% legit no scam hell yeah!

  7. hes running an older version of android theres no padlock icon at the top left corner of the screen it wont work end of


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