Notepad using C# – Goto Line | C# Beginner Tutorial


This C# tutorial for beginners helps you build a notepad application from scratch. Watch this Notepad using C# beginners tutorial series and get started with C#!

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In the last 3 videos, We implemented UndoRedo Class that has stacks to hold values and other methods to achieve functionality and modified EditOperation class to achieve the same at the businesslogic level and then added code in MainForm for operating together to get the functionality.

In this video, We are implementing Goto Line functionality in the main form itself. From UI perspective we are utilizing the C# code from Visual Basic, to create a form on the go and get the line number. We need to handle various cases. When the line number is greater than the number of lines in the file, or incorrect input. When the input is within range, we have to find the correct position and move the cursor to that position.

Enjoy this C# beginner tutorial series.

Source code at the beginning of the video

Source code at the end of the video

Source code for complete project

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