Object Oriented Programming With C# And .NET Core Part 1 – Setup Visual Studio Code & .NET Core SDK


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This is the first video in the new series called Object Oriented Programming with .NET Core and in this particular video we are going to be installing Visual Studio Code and .NET Core SDK.

We will be setting our working environment before going ahead and starting to learn more about object oriented programming.

The following series will teach you about object oriented programming with c# and more specifically object oriented programming with c# – beginner to advanced. If you are tiered from all of the academic explanations which half the time don’t make much sense then understanding object oriented programming c# with down to earth explanations will do the trick for you. Once you are finished with these series you can also check out my object oriented programming c# course which would help you with object oriented programming c# interview questions and includes object oriented programming c# code project, object oriented programming c# sample, object oriented programming c# tutorial, object oriented programming concepts c# and object oriented programming concepts c# in general.

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  1. You don't have to run dotnet restore.
    The docs says:

    Starting with .NET Core 2.0 SDK, you don't have to run dotnet restore because it's run implicitly by all commands that require a restore to occur, such as dotnet new, dotnet build and dotnet run.

  2. This video is great. Only one thing I could suggest:

    For brand new users to the Core editor the Terminal window does not display initially after the default install. The interface Microsoft designed for this editor isn't the most intuitive so this could save some confusion.


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