Object Oriented Programming With C# And .NET Core Part 8 – Example OOP Application


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In this video we will be building a very small scale application which is going to put all of the OOP concepts together for us.

We will be using inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and abstraction in order to write the final OOP application.

The following series will teach you about object oriented programming with c# and more specifically object oriented programming with c# – beginner to advanced. If you are tiered from all of the academic explanations which half the time don’t make much sense then understanding object oriented programming c# with down to earth explanations will do the trick for you. Once you are finished with these series you can also check out my object oriented programming c# course which would help you with object oriented programming c# interview questions and includes object oriented programming c# code project, object oriented programming c# sample, object oriented programming c# tutorial, object oriented programming concepts c# and object oriented programming concepts c# in general.

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  1. Hi, AvetisG. I graduated your C# basics course, now I'm studying OOP.
    OOP is difficult, but I found the best way to stydying OOP.
    It's very useful for using derived class and method overriding.
    1. Install visual studio to my PC.
    2. Write the code by myself.
    3. Set break point in the program.
    4. Exectute the program using step in(F11). Watch carefully where the route of the program executes, and watch variable's value as you often did.

  2. Great series! Just subscribed. I'd love to see some genetic algorithm and neural networks and it's application in unity or any other way to easily visualize the data.

  3. Really appreciated the series. I am a newbie programmer and I am struggling to understand some of the concepts but you covered it very well here! Liked and subscribed 🙂


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