Old Trafford ERUPTS After Manchester United Defeats Manchester City


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  1. no one talks about Aaron Wan Bissaka he’s so underrated for a defender I give credibility to him as one of the greatest full backs in the world

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  3. We have to agree tht Matic deserve the spotlight tht night. And he deserve a new contract at United. With Pogba Mctominay Bruno Fred Mata, im no longer worried abt the subtitutions or whos gonna play as frst eleven. All of them are phenomenal fr the time being. I love this healthy competition. Just play the United game, make DJ runs and shoots, n keep winning. DJ Hes gonna cause some chaos for the opponent def. United def is top notch. Couldnt be any better.

  4. The face of Guardiola said it all. This season can still be successfull – he already won efl cup, he may win fa cup and champions league.

  5. Ôlê Gunna SônSờKaiƠ lần đầu tiên thắng đc PépGoócĐiÔLa trên mặt trận ngoại hạnh Anh Ole Gunnar Solskjær won for the first time against Pep Guardiola in the English Premier League

  6. It's funny how no one cares that Liverool are gonna win, we're more excited about the bottom 3, and our derbys

    it's not even that cool that Liverpool r gonna win anymore lol

  7. Who The fuck are man united well by the looks of things on are way back up come ole praying you get champions league ????what turn around and how historic would it be.

  8. i love the way united fell from the peak, and the way they going to the top again, and shut the plastic fan mouth who saying about to change other manager over and over again #OLESTAY and definitly yes forever

  9. Last year you guys were its better ManC WIN IT ON LET THE TROPHY STAYS IN MANCHESTER but LFC is far away you guys played out of your skin to this one lol. Thanks but No thanks.

  10. The team knows by the noise from the terraces that this Manchester Derby was a great one to watch.
    I've enjoyed watching this one for the first time in ages that I can tell you for certain GGMU ??⚽⚽


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