Online Quiz/Exam Project in C#


Hi C Sharpens. I developed this Online Quiz and Exam application in C# Programming language with beautiful frontend and minimal backend. I used ASP .Net MVC with Entity framework in this project. Following are the features of this project.

1) Add any number of quizzes.
2) Add any number of questions to each quiz.
3) Each question can have any number of options.
4) The order of options is different everytime a question is displayed to the users.
5) Quiz is automatically submitted when the timer is completed.
6) A Detailed result of each quiz is displayed to user for all attempts.
7) All the listing pages have search and pagination with them.
8) URLs of this project are SEO friendly and can be changed from one location.
9) Creating and Updating profile is very easy.
10) The source code is very minimal and easy to understand.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me in the comments or if you are interested in the code, then it is available with user documentation for a small fee. Send me an email on or visit my webs




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