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Amelia and Dr. B gettin crunchy with all the sweet honey drizzled microphone captured cracks that I know you all love!

About the title… I had a nice laugh over it, you?

I’m on holiday right now visiting family in Florida but don’t be jealous, it’s 60 degrees and raining. Of course that doesn’t stop my tenacious children from taking over the (basically senior citizen) condo swimming pool… allowing me the time to type up this description, stopping periodically to make sure their heads are above water.

Amelia’s spine is the definition of a “virgin vertebral column” having never been cracked… EVER.

And how sweet it was. I gave both of the thoracic spine adjustments a minute to sink in. And even though I edited the time lapse, the power of each maneuver was palpable in the air, her voice, and the massive release of pent up tension. It’s just the normal human being mechanical stress build up when old injuries and improper posture are mixed with gravity and time.

And the neck adjustments speak for themselves with the gasp of air getting sucked through the spirit portal of breath like a drowning child barely treading water at a pool with no life guards…

(hold on a minute…

… okay they’re fine)

But of course, the L5-S1 side posture was worth the price of admission for Amelia. Her hips were clear at the SI joints EVEN THOUGH the pain and the hypertonicity were all found in the right glut region. But that was just the compensation (aka the shade that a spine will throw at Dr. B when investigating) for the subtle underlying cause of a “pain in the butt.”

Was Amelia the figurative “pain in the butt” for a deep, meditative, spinal detective whose attempting to read layers of trauma on the physical, emotional and energetic dimensions?

Of course not. This session was fun. And it was a pleasure to compile the quick quips of an intelligent patient at the outro… please enjoy.

And the one clip where she says “I was told by dance I have weak ankles.” If you couldn’t tell, I was actually being DEAD serious in my message to future teachers about the words they use and the importance of specificity of language when working with the youth. BC they REMEMBER! (Which I type while listening to giddy children splashing happily in a pool… signifying the continuance of breath, oxygen, and their general non drowning status)

Anyway… the dance instructors could have said “Your ankles need strengthened”… but I digresssss.

I kept the pulse reading in for relaxation purposes even though there was no further revelation… but i assure you we did get deep, as per usual, in relating the importance of emotional health in terms of anxiousness and the autonomic nervous system (like how digestion works, or doesn’t, when you’re stressed). Meditation was prescribed.

I know, I know… you want meditation videos and stretch videos and the like. I’m working on concepts and catching up on videos to bring your and my time line closer together.

Stay Tuned

BC I love you.

Thanks for watching ““Pain in my butt” NEVER CRACKED EVER BEFORE NOT EVEN SELF ASMR Cracks & Relax”

PS: The Children are all still BREEEEEEEEATHING.



  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Crunchmas…
    13:33 Thoracic Shout-let Syndrome "whoop whoop"
    14:55 The Sacrum – L5 DEEP "first time I ever cracked"
    17:10 Cervical "My legs are warm"
    19:09 Sometimes I just know
    21:17 TMJ = Totally Massive Jing-a-ling
    24:44 Amelia Uncut

    I loved the mold questions… check your shizzzz

  2. I can’t imagine not cracking my bones. I do my toes, my ankles, my back if I can, my wrists and fingers and shoulders

  3. Of all the episodes I've watched on this channel, she was one of the cutest personalities I've seen yet ?
    "Aww man, now I have to lay on blocks all the time?"


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