Parallel Programming Vs Async Programming


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  1. 4:40 Async Programming has nothing to do with number of threads. Node.js uses a single threaded model but it can also be achieved by spawning a new thread for the async task. See

  2. How it is possible TO BE INFANT BABY (PARALLEL PROGRAMMING) when it execution began in 1962(56 years AGO) on a true 4-core processor computer and I AIN'T TALKING ABOUT FIRST PARALLEL PROGRAMMING IN COMPUTER SCIENCE started as postcards in 1837 for proposed design of Analytical Engine by Charles Babbage… I can't listen to this "I have no idea what I am talking about" bullshit.

    That a framework that allows asynchronous programming in PHP, it has a lot of features too. It's worth any PHP developer's time.

  4. Parallel programming has a lot of overhead too – sometimes it has so much the performance cost outweighs the potential performance benefits.

  5. I'm definitely no expert in building multithreaded systems, but I know that mutability is what makes parallel programming difficult and not thread safe. You don't want multiple threads making changes to the same pieces of data at once. That's where locking comes into play, but like Chris says this kinda code can be difficult to reason about. So I think functional style programming and immutability is the way to go for building highly parallel systems.


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