Part 149 Passing data from master page to content page in asp net


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This is continuation to Part 148, please watch Part 148 before proceeding.

Let us understand how to pass data from a master page to a content page, with an example.

In the example below,
1. We have a search textbox and a search button in the master page.
2. On the Content page, we have a GridView control that displays students from a database table.
3. When we type some text in the search textbox on the master page and when we hit “Search” button, we want to display all the students whose name contains the search term entered in the search textbox.



  1. SIr, I have an image control in the master page. I want to update the image and show it on contet page. But I am updating the image from the content page. Plz help……..

  2. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Your 7 videos regarding master pages were very helpful to me updating code I inherited from another developer.

  3. Hi Venkat, can u please explain and advise how to avoid page refresh, everytime i click the menu which is in the master page? menu is standard just like yours.

  4. Hi Venkat, Thanks for the videos they are very helpful. I am learning a lot from these videos. I have a question regarding adding the event handler to button in this video. You added the event handler in Page_Init. I tried this in Page_Load and it worked. I am still trying to get my head around page life cycle. Is there any particular reason to do this in Page_Init? Sorry if this might be a silly question. Please advise. Thanks,

  5. please let me know what you call this bolded text to replace null with empty string

    new SqlParameter("@SearchTerm", searchTerm ?? string.Empty);

  6. hello sir, i request to you plz do video on crystal report functionality in .net and start video tutorial on windows application

  7. Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for this video.
    Could you please help with below question ?
    When we run web application with master page and content page, whether master page gat called first or content page ?


  8. hi Venkat!
    Thank you very much for posting this tutorials! Can I ask you to post an example of fachade and it's usages ?

    Thanks in advance!


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