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In this part of the c sharp tutorial we will learn
1. What a class is
2. Purpose of a class constructor
3. Overloading class constructor
4. Understanding this keyword
5. Destructors



  1. You don't know how many people benefited from your free videos…surely they are very much thankful to you including me and you will get more and more blessings from them.

  2. If you substitute name for a food item then parameters with protein grams and calories then how can I add more names or in my case food items when prompt?

  3. Venkat Sir we really appreciate your help for creating the videos. I really love and learn from ur efforts. It would be greatful if after every 10 tutorials you provide test to us for keeping thing memorized and remeber whats learned…

  4. after few yrs of confusion i just understand now few things i was unable to grasp. very useful vid thanks alot.

  5. why do we need to give 'this' in 'Print Method'? can some one tell me? I used the local variables with out 'this'. in print method. instead of this._firstName, i have declared ._firstName. this gave me same output.

  6. if we use static keyword for PrintFullName() method and if we call this in main method using class name, error is shown in PrintFullName() method….can u plz help me to solve??

  7. My gratitude to the best teacher ever you can not imagine how helpful your videos are for beginners thank you again

  8. I had a spam advertisement for GRAMMARLY that you use to correct spelling? This is software that can listen for credit card numbers or anything you type, ever, its sent to the cloud for review. You think its only going to listen to when you type letters and its not going to track anything? whatever you type in secret? or buy? the app is able to catch any and all keyboard keys, then send it to some website. In the old days you would download the file that ran local on your computer, cloud processing was virtually impossible, now its easy

  9. why are there not 2 placeholders (6:51) in WriteLine("Fullname= {0}",this._firstname + this.Lastname) is this.lastname also not an variable?

  10. I got the Concept of Class, Constructor, and Destructor but it's a bit confusing. It's difficult to absorb everything at once.
    But as always, very good.

  11. An easier way to simplify and condense your code for the output of variables in strings is to simply do it this way.
    Console.WriteLine("Full name is = {0}", firstName + " " + lastName);
    Console.WriteLine($"Full name is = {firstName} {lastName}");

  12. Hello Sir, I am a new learner, so what if I do not create a constructor and try to initialize in the main, like: C1._firstName="A";
    C1._lastName="B", every time I need to initialize the properties of a new instance… is that erroneous?

  13. The overloaded customer constructor seems like a roundabout way of doing it. Wouldn't it be simpler (and cleaner) to just go:

    class Customer
    private string _firstName;
    private string _lastName;

    public Customer()
    this._firstName = "No FirstName Provided";
    this._lastName = "No LastName Provided";

    public Customer(string firstName, string lastName)
    this._firstName = firstName;
    this._lastName = lastName;

    Is there a particular reason why you write it the way you did?

  14. Great job Venkat! your tutorial on constructor looks very interesting.. after watching this 20 min video I am keen to explore more videos…. Cheers 🙂

  15. You are explaining so well, I understand everything, thank you! You have the best tutorial collection! Greetings from Bulgaria!

  16. thank you so much for this video, Im starting to get a handle on classes/constructors/methods now. I do have one question – i like to follow along in visual studio and id like to make it so the console.writeline works like it does in your video, i have selected just the 'console application' and i have everything set up like yours but when i run it it just briefly shows the console and then it goes away… what am i doing wrong here?

  17. Hello Venkat sir, what is the use of private constructor in C# and how it can be used ? Can you please upload a video on this ?

  18. I have to say that your explanations makes sense. I also like the fact that you demo everything on the same page of code. It makes it easier to follow. Thank you so very much for this series.


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