Part 28 – C# Tutorial – Structs in C#.avi


In this part of the c sharp tutorial we will learn about structures in C#

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  1. At 2:51 Refactor generated property for name with set{_name=value;} instead of set{this._name=value;}. But you have written set{this._id=value} for id property.what is the difference between this._name=value and _name=value?

    Anyone who knows can answer.

  2. Ur videos are like an energy booster for me,after coming through my college classes ,getting into ur videos is really fun,just waiting for u to create videos on algorithms….

  3. I am totally new to programming (today I am on part 28). These are the BEST and most wholistic tutorials available. They by far preferable to even the best for-profit courses. Venkat is an excellent teacher and I applaud him for helping me drive my Mechanical Engineering career to be more software-centric. Although I have only been through 28 lessons I am already creating useful programs. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with C#. Thanks, Venkat!

  4. sir i hv one doubt sice we dont hv default parameterless constructor in struct then how u are using it , here customer is the struct and C2 customer object is used with default nonpatrametrized kindly rply me…

  5. Key difference between classes and structures is that structures are value types where as classes are reference types. Also structures don't support inheritence. Another one is that with structures you can't define your own parameterless constructor. Both classes and structures have a default parameterless constructor but with classes you can change the content of it unlike structures. Becareful when you chose between struct or a class changing one from other will deeply effect your entire code.

    Also great content bro keep it up.

  6. After watching this video the second time I noticed that the default parameter less constructor is not taken away if we provide our own constructor unlike classes. Why does this apply only for structs?

  7. I really liked your video series. They are just simply the best. But the sound quality for C# series aren't so great.

  8. Great job Venkat. I've been following all your C# videos and must say that they are better than any books that I have read so far. I had a hard time going through the books but your videos got me started on C# real quick.

  9. This guy is amazing! Teaching for free, and incredibly descriptive. You are a great help to those that want to listen and learn! Thank you.


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