Part 29 – C# Tutorial – Difference between classes and structs in c#.avi


In this part of the c sharp tutorial we will learn about the difference between structs and classes in c#

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  1. Sir you have said structure does't have the concept of object reference variable and objects that's why they don't need to have a parameter less constructor..but in previous video you make reference variable and a object of a structure ..please explain sir.

  2. I have tried the same code but when you change C2.Name , C1.Name won't change , it is still the same "Mark" , this means it will point to a new object in the heap 🙂

  3. Just one doubt if i create an object of struct then how memory allocation will be done ?? Will both reference variable and objects pointing to that reference will be created in Stack ??

  4. You are the best Programming teacher I have found online! Your explanation is really spot on. You have a talent, my friend. Thank you and please keep posting videos!

  5. Thanks Venkat Sir for providing us those excellent videos.Please provide your video for Garbage Collection in C#.I am not able to find it.If anyone also got the link for Garbage collection in c# .Please provide in the comment box.


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