PHP Ajax Insert Data in MySQL By Using Bootstrap Modal


How to insert data to mysql through a Bootstrap modal by using PHP with Ajax JQuery. Bootstrap modal With Insert in Php Mysql and Ajax. PHP MySQL CRUD Operations using jQuery with Ajax and Bootstrap modal. Bootstrap Modal with AJAX crud data from MySQL with PHP. Insert Data into Mysql table with Bootstrap Modal by using PHP with Ajax Jquery. Source Code –



  1. this video and the previous one saved my projet, thanks alot, it took me sometime to understand and try to adapt this concept to my projet, but it worth the time, thanks a lot, keep up the good work !

  2. You should have deleted the code for the display dynamic data before doing the inserting, not doing that made the code so confusing.

  3. where is the video which you have coded before this?
    I'm following only other two videos..please send me the link of before one

  4. Please Use your real voice instead of robotic voice to gain more subscribers in really short time.Or please use a better software for this purpose .Thanks

  5. I love to have many buttons controlling a single modal form, please how do I do that? It is urgent please. thanks for your series of helpful and amazing videos

  6. Hello thank you very much. A question.
    How can I make the name field, for example, unique? that does not allow to enter a new user with the same name and show a message saying that this name already exists or has to be unique.

  7. it is very useful and helpful video but i am facing with an issue that the modal opening process become slow when the record becomes large in quantity , please suggest me to resolve this prioblem

  8. Can You make a video that video will be updating every user page when a image or video is posted like faceook?

  9. Sir Good day !!! I have been using your code for my program and it really works. But there is this problem like when I click the edit button first and after that I will click the add button, the datas from my database will show like how it shows in my edit button.. but when I click the add button first, no values are displayed on the input fields which are actually the right thing.. but when I click the edit button and after that the add button again, it will show the datas in the input fields just like in the edit fields.. Please I hope you can help me from this problem Please… Thanks a lot sir!

  10. "Add" option don´t work, I download the same code, same database, same table, same all and don´t work….can you help me?

  11. Hello,
    I use another of your tutorials to 'edit' and 'delete' the data with jquery.Tabledit, it works fine.
    I tried to put a button 'add' with this tutorial, but I do not know how to change the code to keep only the code about the 'add' button. When I try, I have bugs and the table is not refreshed automatically. Thank you for your help.

  12. what if i want to store and display the data in new page, not in a modal window?
    just like cms, where i could insert new article, and each article has it own page.
    please teach something like that

    Thank You

  13. hi, i'm using datatables with responsive plugin and i'm wondering if the searching feature can work with the data recovered by Ajax ? Plz i need to know


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