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Paul Pogba Wants to Stay at Manchester United according to latest reports as Man Utd face the prospect of cancelled games. Get the latest Man Utd News Now on The United Stand. ? SUBSCRIBE here

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  1. Pogba stays & top4 = repeats of money not being given for new players! Like when Jose finished 2nd

    Well get bellingham & spin of bruno was an early 2020 summer signing when we had a peanut summer 2019 signing! Selling smalling & rojo who are out on loan as well as Lingard will more than cover the bellingham fee!

    The DDG leaving talk probably cause utd looking to get 70m & bring henderson back & 70m used towards buys!

    Utd will sign bellingham & well get sancho lies & in reality well probably end up with Willian on a free & spins that sancho didnt want to leave!

  2. Paul going into that team i TRUST the team will Roy Keane him and make him know his place HEAR ME OUT! It is because the team just couldn't handle him as we didnt have anyone with a spine! Now pastor Fred will slap him a bible, Bruno will have things to say because he will be captain and we just wont tolerate Lingard like antics any more with Pogba so WE SHOULD NOT FEAR THE RETURN.

  3. Pogba needs guidance if he truly wants to be a prominent player in his career. More importantly he needs to change his agent that high sound nothing Riola, who actually ruining pogba's career. United we stand divided we fall……..theatre of dreams thats my home.

  4. He need to go like he has had his time to shine and he don't do it consistently weeks and months ago he saying he wants to go or hinting at it now just cause we starting to play very well he wants to stay again that's not loyal he won't stick with us through the bad times, He has got to go and use his money wisely imo bring in maddison and sancho.

  5. I personally think as long as his attitude is right and he's committed and he performs but works hard for the team then welcome back we now have the best midfield in Europe!

  6. So much hate towards pogba like him or hate him, he’s 10 times the player Scott is atm and I love Scott, throw pogba and Bruno together and we’ve got the best midfield in the premier league hands down

  7. Is there anyone who believes that Podba missed all those games because he was genuinely injuried. Videos of him dancing etc. He appears to have lead Lingard etc against Jose. Gary Neville & Rio both say he was a pain when first at United. Recruited by Ed Woodward mainly because of mechantise. Reports are he"s a pain in the arse in the rooms. Has any player come out and said please come back? Maybe will again be a great player but not for us. Get the money and use it well

  8. I wouldn’t want him at United. He is a negativity….Bruno is good enough for us….we need players who play for the short not a glory hunter. Cash in on him if there is a decent offer.

  9. Today in Norway the playoffs for ice-hockey was cancelled. They just ended the season for all the teams. They might actually do the same when it comes to football as well in the UK. Just end the season now even when not all the games have gotten played.

  10. That's the commitment that I want from Pogba. I might have been wrong with his commitment to the team and had pre judged him

  11. Why can no Utd fans actually sat that 4 seasons of Pogba and he has been a FLOP.
    Not selling him on the cheap but was he done at club level to justify a £150 mill and £300k a week transfer?


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