Python? Javascript? What programming language should you learn? // helloMayuko


Hey everybody!

I finally made a video answering the most popular question I get: “what programming language should I learn?” I hope you liked the goofy skit at the beginning ?

I also forgot to mention that I made a Slack team for all of us to chat and hang out at, join here to make friends and learn from each other! (case sensitive)

Look out for details on my March livestream on my Twitter and Instagram account!

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are.
x, mayuko

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  1. I think C is the best choice because of c pointers. If you know how pointers and poiter's arithmetic work so is gonna be easy understanding how objects work. I mean you're gonna have a deep understanding of memory issues.

  2. Learn Ruby. Its purpose is to make programmers happy. While Javascript, Python, Go and what have you will surely look good on your resume and make your bank account tingle, you will never reach peak happiness with them.

  3. My first language is C# for my interest in game development, but I'm moving onto web development next, and python simply for my interest in raspberry pi.

  4. do u also do smartphones app development? since I think we're in a smartphones era(don't know what to call it lol) if yes then what IDEs do u often use and what are the pros and cons thank you!

  5. love the music. i want to use it for my channel. i'm currently coding Excel VBA to help my co-worker. ha ha ha 🙂

  6. I used Scratch, later on I discovered Python and realized that was almost the same but it was typed and had more syntax. It's really simple and easy to understand so I recommend Python for people who are just starting in programming.

  7. Hi Mayuko, I always enjoy your nice videos.
    I'd like to submit a PR to fix some part of the subtitles.

    `they are going to help you write ~`

    `they are chosen to going to help you write ~`

    `I learned to use~`

    `I learned how to use ~`

    If it's off target, just close it pwease 🙂


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