Python Vs. C#


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This is a comparison video between the Python Programming Language and the C# Programming Language.

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  1. I think is time to mobilize all the python community and create an alternative to WPF.
    Everything is cool with python until you need to make a customized GUI.
    Let’s face it, Tkinter and PyQT are jokes comparing with WPF.
    The actual problem is that is impossible to export the C#-WPF projects from windows to Mac OS.
    But Mac OS has a lot of more advantages when you need to write medium apps in python comparing with windows cumbersome C#.
    I don’t mention the multitude of free available modules in all sorts of branches..
    An alternative to WPF in Mac OS would significantly augment the interests in programming with python in respect with c#.
    Just consider only the portability of the projects between both operating systems!!

  2. your definition of "fully OOP" language seems wrong… you gave this tag to C# only, but real difference is that Python does not force programming style, but… is even more OOP behind scenes than C#… in Python everything is an object and no primitive types exist… would be more fair to name C# as "OOP only" and Python as "multi paradigm" 😉

  3. interpreting = compiling and running at the same time.
    Unless you change code in Python it runs the compiled file. If you do change code you need to re-interpret (a.k.a. compile)
    But if you change c# code you also have to recompile, so where's your speed gain now???

  4. I learned Python & Django but it's a waste of time since it's so niche. C# .net there more entry level jobs than total jobs in other languages.

  5. USTEDEN SIGUEN SIENDO PENDEJOS: Python está hecho para personas con habilidades logicas pero dificultades para entender arquitecturas, C está hecho para arquitecturas, DEJEN DE PUBLICAR PENDEJADAS

  6. Disappointing. No discussion of the actual language differences in depth, other than indentation vs. braces, which is superficially obvious. Not much to see here.


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