Reading and Writing Binary Files using C#


Shows you how to write to (using BinaryWriter) and read from (using BinaryReader) binary streams and files in the .NET Framework using C# and Visual Studio 2010. This video can help you prepare for the 70-536, 70-515, and 70-511 MCTS or MCPD exams. This video is part of a tutorial to help you get started with .NET Framework development. For the complete .NET Framework tutorial, visit



  1. You can extend the BinaryReader and Writer class to add DateTime support.
    I`m working on a Lib for this and many other Types
    For ideas on what classes I can install I would be very grateful

  2. Thanks, I've got an assignment where I have to make an application that included reading and writing from a file with bonus points allocated if we do things that we haven't been taught – aka binary files. So thank you very much for this quick tutorial.


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