Registration with Encoded Password Save in database | with c# (Password encoding part 1)


Note: I m really sorry that i have done mistake in video,
Clearly saying Base64 is not encryption — it’s an encoding. It’s a way of representing binary data using only printable (text) characters. While encoding the user name and password with the Base64 algorithm typically makes them unreadable by the naked eye, they are as easily decoded as they are encoded. Security is not the intent of the encoding step. Rather, the intent of the encoding is to encode non-HTTP-compatible characters that may be in the user name or password into those that are HTTP-compatible.

I have used MD5 cryptography for encoding the password and for saving i have just saved that encoded passwords text inside sql database That’s it!!!

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Login With Encoded password | with c# (Password encoding part 2) Video (Link) :

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  1. English:
    Sorry friend but that's not ecriptacion! , Base64 was not created to encrypt! it is just a numerical system, yes, it is another plus binary, decimal, hexadecimal and ect .. only that this use: numbers 0-9 letters of the alphabet and 2 symbols, is not to encrypt anything!, is used just to make not readable information , it is very simple to decode it, it is used to make information not readable or to be able to send information encrypted by channels that do not support special characters or to make it easier to maneuver through String, that is EVERYTHING, it is not for encrypt, is to facilitate the handling of previously encrypted information or to make it not readable .. do not be an idiot teaching something that does not work at all.


    Lo siento amigo pero eso no es ecriptacion! , ¡Base64 no fue creado para encriptar! es solo un sistema numérico, sí, es otro más binario, decimal, hexadecimal y ect … solo que este uso: números 0-9 letras del alfabeto y 2 símbolos, no es encriptar nada! se usa solo para hacer que la información no sea legible, es muy simple decodificarla, se usa para hacer que la información no sea legible o para poder enviar información encriptada por canales que no admiten caracteres especiales o para facilitar la maniobra a través de String, eso es TODO , no es para encriptar, es para facilitar el manejo de información previamente encriptada o para hacer que no sea legible … no seas un idiota enseñando algo que no funciona para nada.


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