RFID NFC and Mifare programming – Visual C# (Windows) source code examples Advanced for uFRCoder


A source code example of the application for Mifare card encoding done in Visual C# (Windows) – uFRCoderAdvanced . Advanced application has functions for card sector and block address reading and writing, block value entering and block data value incrementing and decrementing. This software also contains the function for defining the Mifare card keys and key index. Source code of the software is made for use with uFR reader/writer made by D-Logic

This application example is meant to provide the base for further development of the various RFID coding applications and it is considered as a good start for users with complex projects.


Digital Logic Ltd. company is a manufacturer of high quality RFID NFC equipment. Our devices incude RFID Readers and Programmers with SDK tools, Time Attendance and Access Control devices, BusLogic Ticketing Systems, Tracking Systems and many more.

All our devices were evisioned and developed by our own team of engineers and software developers.

Digital Logic readers are perfect solution for business solution developers, academic programmers and all other users who need stable hardware solution with professional software support, including free software tools.

Most of our readers have OEM version solutions for implementation in custom development environments.

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Technical support email: support@d-logic.rs



  1. may i ask a question? if you know it is possible code the software to auto-detect the approach of tag and write automatically?

  2. Dear DLogicalChannel

    Plz help me.. i am confused using Key when write and read data in card block…
    plz source code me simple write and read data in mifare 1k card

  3. Dear DLogicalChannel

    I have a rfid tag right now and also acr122u nfc reader. could u tell me, how can i configure that nfc? really need your help to answer my question. thank you 🙂

  4. Is there any possibility to release an executable of that program ? I am trying to find a write software (RFID Mifare 1k) but i can´t find one ./

  5. Hi, Thanks for cooperation. Yet I got till the D Logic Support reply:"Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express and .NET Framework 4.5".

  6. Dear PavelMazniker,
    Please write to our technical support team at support (at) d-logic.rs
    You can find the full email in the description of the video.
    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    D-Logic Team

  7. Greetings, I have downloaded uFRCoder C++.NET1.0. There are 3 projects: advanced,simple and simplest. I have built the first 2 solutions successfully, however when I run the .exe both from MS VS environment and both from hard disk I get next error: Unable to load DLL 'uFCoder1x.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E), both in release and in debug modes for simple and advanced versions. Please help how to resolve this issue…

  8. Although ultralight has smaller memory capacity, it uses 3DES encryption which is more secure than CRYPTO1 that Mifare Classic 1K uses.

  9. We are using Mifare Classic 1K cards.
    Our Reader does not currently support Mifare ultralight C but we are releasing a new version of the Reader/Writer in the near future that will support ultralight C cards.


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