RFID NFC and Mifare programming – Visual C# (Windows) source code examples Simple for uFRCoder


Source code software example for Mifare card encoding done in Visual C# for (Windows) – uFRCoderSimple. Simple application offers the functions of linear address and data reading and writing for a predefined length and defining Mifare card keys. The source code of the software is provided with uFR reader/writer.

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    INPUT / OUTPUT RS 232 – Weighing Balance, USB-IBM Keyboard, USB – Pen Drive,
    RS 232 – Remote Display Unit / Serial Printer/PC, USB – Pen Drive, USB-Printer

  2. Sir, Is there any way to contact you? I have some questions on how to display a template on the print preview as what I have seen on your video. Here's my email if you decided to contact me instead: waleed.shahban13@gmail.com. Thank you very much. It would be a great help on our project.

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  4. Hi Sir,
    When i execute the program in VS 2012 i am facing an error in Form2.cs in line " dll_ver = uFCoder.GetDllVersion();".
    The error states "Unable to load DLL 'uFCoder-x86_64.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)"

    Remedies I applied is- 1-) try to add dll as reference.
    2-)Tried to run through command prompt using TlbImp.exe
    Pls provide a solution for it.
    Thanks in Advance !!!!!

  5. Dear Reynel Fuertes, thank you for notifying us. we have corrected the download link. Please try downloading againg. Best regards, D-Logic Team.

  6. Did you developed some program for reading and writing to NFC in desktop application using java language. or do u have some addresses to refer to that. thanks

  7. Dear sir,

    We are manufacturers of the uFR Reader/Writer.
    The software we provide is specifically developed for the use with our uFR Reader/Writer and we do not provide support for the devices that are not manufactured by us.
    If you would like you can visit our official website and take a look at our uFR Reader/Writer.
    You can find the link in the description of the video.

    Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

    Best regards,
    D-Logic team


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