Robert Reich Responds to Elon Musk's Name-Calling on Twitter | NowThis


Elon Musk is feuding with former Labor Sec. @Robert Reich, who told the CEO, ‘Your workers need to be protected.’
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In US news and current events today, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, economist Robert Reich found himself in a Twitter feud with Elon Musk after criticizing Musk for putting profits before public health.

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  1. I hope that future President Biden will nominate former-Secretary of Labor Reich to serve as Secretary of the Treasury. A renowned scholar, economist, and no nonsense politician, Reich took what was good about the Clinton administration and has built policy around it. We need that in the White House

  2. What this guy isn’t saying is the fact that the state is opening and all the counties around alameda county is opening but alameda stays closed. You have every county doing their own little thing. Literally if you drive 10 minute and you have different rules and regulations. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  3. hes not the only rich person leaving that wacko leftist state, California likes to make it really hard for small and large businesses operation with regulation and bs. I bet the thought of leaving cali came into his mind way before this pandemic because of their crazy rules and regulations.

  4. They cry freedom, but they are home with their families safe away from everyone. Why doesn't he go and work the front lines of his factory take the same risk you're asking of your workers to take.

  5. This from the man who wants to put people on Mars. I'm sure if the range safety officer or the flight surgeons or the engineers say not to launch he'll listen to them when he couldn't listen to the county health officials when it came to making cars. Hard to ask for a refund if you're dead 100 million miles from Earth…

  6. Our boys ages 10 and up are watching billionaires like Elon Musk for role models: disobeying the law, no personal responsibility, entitlement. Where are the real men? Where is the leadership?

  7. You've been blessed with a phenomenal mind and drive. You've created wealth that's beyond what most people can dream. With that comes a true leader and take care of your people!

  8. I'm a fan of what he's (Elon) doing but I totally disagree with what he says about this pandemic and the situation in California/Alameda. Safety first. He's not a public health expert. He should keep his mouth shut about that.
    I'm disappointed he acted this way.

  9. Elon, you've done a lot of great things but being an entrepreneur who let's not forget started PayPal with capital from his dad and went on to turn it into billions, having said that, your achievements don't give you the authority to tell people to ignore quarantine/social distancing and claiming that the covid19 isn't a big deal. Thars irresponsible and definitely not in your area of expertise. If covid19 wasn't such a "big deal" you wouldn't brag about the ventilators etc you've provided. Kind of contradictory, no?

  10. I love Elon. But this time he is dead wrong. The freedom speach is just an excuse. Your freedom or my freedom can not come at the price of other people's lives, people who are not making any damage to you or me but they will get sick and they could die if we don't wait a few more days and if we don't implement more protection measures. That level of selfishness is not the kind of freedom we should defend.

  11. Billionaires more concerned with their bonuses this year then people dying. Some states are setting up websites to eat out employees that don’t want to return to work yet

  12. E.musk brings Shame to the great scientist who lived, don't use Tesla as your business, technology should empower people not keep them as hostages, if someone keeps humans as hostage then they are wanted by police, if the wealthy does the same to threaten the county and its people it's nothing, people should learn to give value to the right things rather to the light, glamor and glitter

  13. Well playing devils advocate, if u look across the states traditional car manufacturers are being reopened. And Tesla nearly collapsed after they released the model x. It does seem a bit like the older and larger companies are getting preferred treatment. However if it is an unsafe work environment, then these arguments are stupid.

  14. You have been saying a privately owned company can do what they want. He is 100% within his right to move out of California
    And it is Fascism when a governor of a state says he has the right to suspend constitutional rights. You can not let me repeat suspend rights or you do not have any rights.


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