S+ FULL AP BURST DARK HARVEST KARMA MID 40% CDR | New Build & Runes | Conqueror Karma | 81% K.P


Magic Pen AP Karma Mid Gameplay Guide ►0:00 Build 0:04 Runes
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  2. If I do this, I would receive repport jaja, for sure (for kills,) , but I truly love Karma <333. I am new in LoL, since 3 months ago, but I got m7 with Karma, is the only champ that I use (sorry for my bad english, I'm not native speaker). I love this video because you show other option of rune for Karma.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. When Zed took the shadow in in Jax and Karma I was like "is this guy for real? Who does he think he is LOL" Kaisa had 0 map awareness, and in sure Zed never pinged and Lux never warded

  4. You play so well! You’re aggressive and all about taking risks and they pay off 90% of the time. Like how you pushed Top with Nash’s after taking out Riven and made him come help when he was recalling.

    You ended up with 2 turrets and an inhibitor which may not have happened otherwise.

    Or when you were so low on health and Riven was following you. I would have recalled but you stayed and killed her and got your health back soon!

    Wow :-0

    I’ve reached 7 level Mastery on Nami and Sona and had been thinking of who to pick next and really wanted to pick Karma but she can’t heal but then I saw your other guide on her and that really helped.

    Guess she’s going to be my next main lol haha XD

    Could you recommend some items and runes for Support Karma? (If you play her as a support) + should I rush Athene’s first so I can heal my ADC or Ardent to empower their attacks with my shield?

    Really happy I came across this video ^_^

  5. Your channel is probably one of the best in terms of providing informative guides on champs, just wanted to say thank you for the help, you really are incredibly helpful ?

  6. >> opens My Shop
    >> gets a Karma skin
    >> thinking "hmm, should I buy it?"
    >> googles "karma mid league of legends"
    >> this video

    Yep I'm buying it.

  7. Games are too short, we dont only want to see stomps i rarely even click on the vid if its not atleast a 25 min game….

  8. Dude you are literally one of the best League youtubers that i have ever seen, keep up the good work and never give up.


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