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About the game:
Sea of Thieves download has almost everything to be a fantastic pirate game, but it lacks content and more variety.

After years of clinging to Kinect, developing games for Microsoft’s discontinued device, Rare again had the opportunity to shine with Sea of Thieves free download, a promising pirate game that unites two highly sought after things in current games: one open world and the possibility to share the experience with more people.

It looked like Rare had found gold with their new game, but the reality is quite different: after days playing the final version, which has been available since March 20, we came to the conclusion that the game doesn’t have much more to offer than what we had ever seen in bet a.

There is an inevitable sense of dejá-vu. This generation has passed through my hands a series of online games with persistent worlds. First Destiny, then The Division and now Sea of Thieves download pc. Both Destiny and The Division had problems allied to the lack of variety and content, but Sea of Thieves can be worse.

Without any kind of history, the game boils down mostly to three types of missions: finding treasures, killing skeletons and finding animals. This is the structure of Sea of Thieves. Complete these missions, climb rank in the respective NPCs and add enough gold to buy cosmetic items for our character and the boat.

Apart from these missions that make up sea of thieves’ loop gameplay, there are extraordinary activities such as meeting kraken, which is completely random and has no associated reward (other than an achievement), and attacks on the forts surrounded by Skeletons.

These forts are the most difficult and exciting activity of Sea of Thieves, mixing combat against a large number of skeletons and other players. The goal in these forts is to defeat the boss, who gives you a key, and steal the many treasures in a closed room. If they can escape with the treasures for an Outpost, they’ll get a lot of gold.

We need to give Rare credit for the accessibility and fun experience it is to be aboard a boat in Sea of Thieves. The game does not have any kind of tutorial or introduction. We start at a tavern and we have to figure out how everything works. It’s not complicated and we quickly realize how it all works. There are valuable details, such as the possibility of turning off the ship’s lights at night to go unnoticed, concertina to animate the crew and the monocle that allows us to see further and be aware of dangers. These are valuable things in this pirate experience. Get Sea of Thieves crack download right above!



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