Serial COM Port Utility written in C# on Windows 10


Describes a serial data terminal developed in C# in Visual Studio 2017 under Windows 10. I wrote this program so I can later compare it to a similar program written in Python. Source code at:



  1. Im having a trouble opening the file you gave on github , The system cannot find the terminal.exe how to fix this pls help thankyouuu ! 🙂

  2. I'm new to C# but have worked with RS232 at the chip level. I was stuck on the cross threading problem Thanks for sharing your code – I hope to progress my small app. Thanks

  3. i'm very happy you are sharing your source code because i'm trying to learn communication over serial and i wanted to write the program in c# ill make sure to give you credit.

  4. Hi again, I have been playing with your code for a while and it is great, but I have found what I think is a bug. I find that I am getting exceptions after the port is opened as follows: "Exception thrown: 'System.TimeoutException' in System.dll
    The operation has timed out." If I change the "comPort.ReadTimeout = 500;" to 5000, then the exceptions are thrown a low less frequently. Any thoughts? Thanks. (More comments on Github.)

  5. Give this man a hand — finally someone who can write a serial app in C# and explain his code. Well done and thanks! How about putting this on the Windows 10 Store?


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