Should you Learn C# in 2019?


C# is probably Microsoft’s flagship language … is it worth learning 2019? C# is Microsoft’s answer to Java … I kinda think of C# as being Java++.

What kind of jobs can C# developers get?

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  1. C# has always been the nicest general purpose programming language since it came to the scene. And with .NET Core I hope the longtime MS hate will seize.

  2. I love how you covered the ease of crossing over from one language to the next.

    I learned Basic and C# a long time ago and always felt like the logic and creative problem solving skills are the bulk of what makes a good programmer regardless of language. If you can understand how your app should be broken down and structure it cleanly with pseudo code, getting acquainted with new syntax is as simple as using Google Translate.

    Having been out of the programming space for a while, though, I'm interested in picking up a language again. I want to spend my time on one language that can handle app development for Windows & Android, and also allow me to have potency in indie game development should I choose to.

    Is there a "best" language for this purpose? If C# can handle all of the above I'll gladly brush up on my C#. But if there's something else that would have better performance crossing over from phone to computer, I'm curious if there are any suggestions.

  3. Your videos are a godsend man. You're exactly the kind of teacher I enjoy. Straight to the point, up-to-date information and important tips and professional advice. Thank you so much. I'm going to write my first name in Unity so this is really really relevant for me.

  4. What i think is… In future, there will be more demand for games… As it's getting more affordable to play fun games, more games are gonna be made. Don't u think?

  5. Disappointed I hadn't found your videos before. Love the wisdom you share. Thank you so much!!

    I can confirm that Game Dev work isn't nearly as fun as people think it is. The wages are relatively low, and you are expendable. I love the company I am at, and I;m very lucky to be here, but this place is an exception to the rule. I would recommend other options personally, especially if you have a family/partner you want to give a good life to; this isn't the industry for that.

    Just my $0.02.

  6. Considering that C# is adding Blazor… yes.They're on top of the game, I wish Java had a framework in development already similar to Blazor, Spring is nice for the backend but there needs to be Java on the front end again, fuck JAVASCRIPT.

  7. All these modern languages {…..php…} you're kidding right? Please Am here because am a Laravel dev wanting to grow up with .net core

  8. Unknowingly started with C# in unity when I was ~11, then went with JS as a hobbyist when I was ~13/14, learning Java and C# in college now. having grown up with many of the coding conventions ingrained into my subconscious makes navigating learning new ones a lot easier. early exposure is really, really beneficial

  9. My question is what can I do with C# but can't achieve using vb.Net?I realised and C# are similar in syntax. Or can I still go ahead and learn C#?


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