Should You Learn C++ in 2019?


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  1. At 3:51 "C++ is a very powerful language". Why would programmers want power? Power is just the ability to do anything at light speed. All those other languages protect you from that.

  2. C++ is a train wreck of a language. It's a total kludge on top of C (C is a great concise language), just to shoe horn object orientation into it. Having a language that gets more complicated and convoluted as time goes by, prompting C++ programmers to engage in deep philosophical discussions on how and why certain C++ constructs exist and how they should be used, is not the mark or a great language. Java is an example of a great object oriented language. If you want to learn about lower level programming learn C. The only reason to learn C++ is if you want to get a job that requires programming in C++.

  3. c/c++ are immortal because they never die even in the future because of:
    2-cross platform (Qt, unreal engine, etc..)
    3-can work with other languages like Lua, java(JNI),…
    4-working with MCUs
    5-making operation system s
    6- c and c++ are like 2 brothers, we can use c code in c++ and else with "extern" keyword
    you can hack other application memories like game(csgo, dota ,pubg ,…..) and have unlimited gold, aimbots,….

  4. For Android development or iOS you can use SDL which is a C library and obviously usable in C++ you're not forced to used a native language for android or ios development.

  5. I just started learning c++ on my own as my first programming language this month, then I stumbled on this video makes me want to switch to JavaScript

  6. I have a friend who is studying Aero dynamics, he is almost an engineer, and he told me that C++ is what you need to learn if you want to learn and understand other computer languages.

  7. C++ was the language introduced to us when I was in college. Damn I’m old! But I believe c++ is easy to learn including python. For me java and JavaScript were hard. Good luck all!

  8. An honest an very informed review. I would concur. c++ it so strong and for backbone, not for the faint of heart. It is the truth. I think most people would be better off with python because everybody says so. I am building an os and a programming language and getting into electrical engineering and have to talk directly to the hardware and utilize memory so at the moment I am resigned to c++. Socratica and greatcourses have excellent python resources, everybody should know a little python since it is everywhere on the internet and iot.

  9. I mostly code in python for everything i need, but today i had to write in c++ for reasons. Oh my, i dont care if compiling python in exe takes half of interpreter with it, i dont care if python is slower. Pointers are nothing, its whole usability of the language that is horrible. Included libraries are a mess, readability? Lol what never heard of it. You get some nonsence like |cant concat string and char and char[9] and char *" but some c_str function does exactly that. It doesnt make you any smarter when you know the way of how to concat these types, compiler should do that for you. And other things… but i agree still. Learning c++ is very important if you want to get into hard programming. Its just that ou will have to tear through very bad community ("RTFM YOU NOOB!" is the common answer and i swear i saw a commentary that was upset because someone dared to give a direct answer to someones question. can you imagine that?) and some ritual like rules of writing to get even the basic stuff working.

  10. One more good reason to learn C++ is because if you are making a Hack/Cheat/Exploit/Mod It is less detectable then other options like C# and better and faster like he said.

  11. Imagine it this way – should you get your driver licence during winter or summer? If you get it during the summertime it's gonna be easier, but when winter comes, you will be a bit frustrated. If you get it during the winter it's gonna be hard and tough, but when summer comes there'll be nothing to surprise you. Same applies for starting with C/C++ vs starting with Java/Python/etc.

  12. as a person with very basic c++ and javascript skills:
    c++ was a lot more logical. The tutorials are shit. But you define a variable, you use it. It was like the metric system… but if no one tells you that 1 milimeter = 0.001 meters or such, or what cm, dm, m, dam, hm, km are… it's hard. And yes you have to code a lot to do little but it's more logical and straightforward. I don't know about interfaces.
    Javascript is clunky, has a lot of strange naming conventions with upper case and lower case, the executables are so terribly optimized, buggy, not flexible. It's for some web applications.
    Lua on the other hand is absolute god damn fucking shit. settings = settings.setting.under_settings.settings_under ( settings, ''none'') or such. Absolutely cryptic beyond belief. HORRIBLE. Makes no sense at all to a beginner, and of course 99% of YOU asshole programmers reading this absolutely refuse to put comments on your code, and you use the absolute shittiest variable naming conventions possible, like in one game ''settings'' is predefined within the game, and you have a local ''setting''. But then you have 1000 files all with the god damn same locale naming convention so I control+F and I get a ton of results and wonder which one is calling which one from which place. Seriously, fuck you to the guys who do that. Get a fucking logical naming convention like… DICK_1_*whatever descriptive name you want for your variable*. then DICK_2_ for your next variable, etc. Because no program on this planet has predefined functions that are called DICK_1_ but I can't say the same about fucking SETTINGS.

  13. for me it is useful to learn C++ and C than the other languages.. because they are standard , stable, basic structure and fundamentals of technology.. They are not absolute over decades. unlike other languages such as Foxpro, turbo pascal,etch
    .. if you know this languages you can easily understand languages such as java , php, etch.


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