Siem Reap Travel Guide


Siem Reap lies amidst the heartland of the ancient Khmer Empire, but modern-day Cambodia is far removed from those glory days. A look into it’s recent dark past gives a stark contrast with it’s hopeful present. Here are a few highlights::

+ The Khmer Rouge – 0:52
+ Khmer New Year – 2:09
+ The Moon Residence and Spa – 4:04
+ Pub Street – 5:44
+ Siem Reap Old Market – 6:10
+ Angkor Wat – 7:54
+ Angkor Thom – 9:30
+ Prayers from a Buddhist monk – 10:22
+ Khmer Stuffed Frog – 11:01

These are the essentials to Siem Reap shot completely on my iPhone X with Filmic Pro.

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  1. Pol pot / kmer red look like Chinese agent more than dark skin Cambodian ?? Hero or murder who never get trial n penalty ????
    1979 China army retrieved off northern Vietnam
    Same time Vietnam army retrieved off Phnom Penh
    Is China set up ,game??
    1972 America president went n meet China president n start retrieved off Vietnam /cut lost go home ??? 1975 Saigon called and Phnom Penh called in same month , April 1975
    Did America sold their allies ? Or can't afford ,anti communist games over,. Now capitalism games. Want back Vietnam ???
    Cia kill durtatte will they ??

  2. surprising how little this video shows… Start with the 1hr visa processing – and 30$ fee… just to get IN to the country!

    Supposed to be a Travel Guide? but gave no details. Thank goodness the cute narrator kept my interest ( what a body!!! )… and would have been a knockout without the fur…

  3. We also visited this places during our visit in cambodia. Gonna upload the video on my channel dont forget to visit and subscribe ?❤️

  4. So wait? Is the Khmer Rouge still killing people in the killing fields?
    Is Pol Pot still the Emperor of all the tribes of Cambodia?
    Cambodia is where stroopwafels and naan bread come from right?
    Also the home of that soup… What'd'ya calls it?
    Oh yeah, Phoo Soup.
    Cambodia also invented teriyaki and pizza I believe.
    And if there's one thing I know it's EVERYTHING about Cambodia,
    "The Jewel of Africa" ?

  5. Very nice channel. support my small channel by subscribing below.
    Thank you and I already subscribed yours.

  6. I’m also from Miami and have lived in Houston and been to Cartagena many times and Cambodia is worst with humidity. And I thought the aforementioned were hell’s kitchen


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