Singletons in Unity – Simple Tutorial for Beginners


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Singletons are very useful. Whether you are building a simple or a complex game, you’ll eventually create some kind of a manager game object. Scripts residing inside the manager game object are scene independent – it would be a waste to add special code for handling ads, google play games, music,… into each scene individually! That’s where singletons come to help you!

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  1. How can i do this with an input field? 😀 I have an input field in scene 1 and in scene 2 i have the text field i need to show from the input in scene 1. Thank you 😀

  2. Hi, thank you for your tutorials and I have a question about singleton. If I want to set a time selection in my game, in the first scene, I have three buttons which say "1 minute", "2 minutes", "3 minutes", and in the second scene, I have three corresponding countdown game objects. I tried your method but the three texts always show together, and my button controls nothing. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

  3. I have a doubt dude how to use a script as a singleton from that I can use that scene to load once in the whole application for multiple scenes

  4. Hey! Great video..
    I've got a solution by which we can have just a script which can make many script a singleton. Like having 2 or more managers(HAVING INDEPENDENT MANAGERS [SAVE MANAGER, BATTLE MANAGER ETC])

  5. Yeah gonna take some time for me to fully understand the instance thing. To me it almost sound like setting Instance to it self.

  6. Thanks for tutorial, btw. So if want to call Singleton in other class constructor, should i do this through Start method there? Can i somehow force to call Awake method in singleton if there is still no reference to Instance? And if instance already created shouldn't we destroy new instance instead of gameobject or check if it same gameObject(cause if we add same script to same object, both instances of singleton will be destroyed with parent gameObject)

    P.S. If I looking for singleton implimentation in Unity i already know what Classes is, and probably know what singleton is. I believe you should reference Classes tutorial than actually trying to explain classes in Unity singleton implimentation tutorial.

  7. Hey Sir Thank u for the tutorial It really helped me from a big problem in my game,I hope u keep share your knowledge to other developers.

  8. When I invoke a function using this code it returns an error saying that the method is not set to a reference of an object…

  9. what if other component's awake has been called earlier than the singleton obj where not yet the singleton obj is set ? than it would be null until singleton'awake gets called .

  10. ok, it seems nice but what's the difference between this and making static class at first scene with scene manager and no scene managers that you are loading on, so what's is the purpose of loading a scene that contains scene managers… scene index 0 contains scene manager with dont destroy on load and all the others have no scene manager.


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