Spotlight™ Presentation Remote


Meet Spotlight. A game-changing presentation remote with an advanced pointer system that allows you to highlight and magnify areas of focus in pixel-perfect detail.

Music Composition by Colin E. Fisher



  1. It still needs a green laser pointer. I hate having to use this then grab a separate laser pointer. Magnifying is okay but I till need a laser pointer and green is better and easier to see.

  2. Once Catalina MAC iOS was out, magnifier function of Spotlight don't work anymore (it magnifies the desktop behind, not the presentation): helpdesk was not able in TWO months to fix this (ticket 1854618​), shame on you Logitech.

  3. Hi logitech, I have purchased Logitech Spotlight, I am unable to download the software, it is downloading till 91% and it just stopped, kindly help
    My email id:
    Thank you

  4. For Linux there is an Open Source Software, that brings Logitech Spotlight features to the Linux Desktop:

  5. This is an amazing product i really wish to have one, only except I indeed prefer the laser pointer retained as well, then it'll be competent for both software and hardware presentation, say for example to be used in class lectures.

  6. Just purchased mine this week and earlier today I had my first experience with it. I'd say the features are incredible. The magnify and highlight features went really with with projector. It also feels so good and light in the hands. The audience appreciated it. Got mine in SLATE GRAY which is think is really classy and sleek. Thanks, Logitech for this fantastic product. Love from PH ??

  7. Though I am a Sanwa Point remote user by far. But this product is just awesome. I need time to practice how to present, when I become a real professional. This is that product a present person should always allocate. Bravo, Logitech.

  8. Logitech,

    You need to update your software to allow for a few things: 1. increase zoom (realtime, not static). Laser pointer with different pointer styles and sizes.

    You also need the ability to hilight screen areas without moving the mouse pointer. I may want to hilight an area but keep my mouse on a different area (for data entry purposes).

  9. Came here for the Song. I wonder if a big name artist produced it behind the scenes or it was made by multiple people. It is fantastic nonetheless.

  10. Do better new Harmony remotes, for example new Harmony 350 with matt finish not this ugly shiny plastic, with more flat minimalistic design, with 8 seperate device buttons (not only four like now), with minimum 3 activites.

  11. Just purchased this. This is something I have been looking for for years. Fabulous. Thanks, Logitech. FYI some reviewers say this device is too expensive. Ask them how many devices they have that do so much, look so good, and give a 3 month charge in 60 seconds.

  12. Why they are demonstrating a color variant in this video, which does not exist at all?
    Also, what is the difference between the slate (P/N: 910-004654 US, 910-004861 EU) and the plus (P/N: 910-005166 EU) version?

  13. You'd really be crushing it if you could figure out how to make it work with TVs and projectors instead of individual computers. Since our conference room switched to a TV for our presentation display the inability to use laser pointers with it has been driving people nuts. However, a solution that requires everybody to install your app software on their own computers is a nonstarter for a public space. if you could figure out a way of making it work on generic displays, we'd buy it immediately.

  14. Hi, is it possible to do a right click? Is possible to use it to present a web app with a lot of hyperlink clicks? Thanks, Bruno

  15. How does the gestures work? Like for example can i spotlight a spot, zoom it in & increase the volume at the same time?


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