The Best Way to Learn Code – Books or Videos?


What is the best way to learn to code – books or video? Short answer: both. I go into the details in the video.

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  1. I like a combination of the two….the books explain to you the what and the why….videos show you HOW to do it…but if you've read the what and the why….when you see how…it all of a sudden clicks!

  2. Stefan I would like to know your thoughts on quantum computing and the latest advancements in that arena. Also, if you could explain how beginners to code can learn Qiskit as fast as possible. Thank you!

  3. You convinced me to start the move into programming and web development. I'll give myself until 2021 to master it. I have a good foundation in the technology, networking and cyber security. I'm a truck driver and really want to change and save my self from this miserable lifestyle. My family is suffering and I sure do to every day.

  4. Hi, very motivated video for me, I try as I can avoid to buy a book because I dont have a space for it, but im very oldfashioned so I always need at least one book to read when Im out of computer, thank you 😀

  5. That 'audio only' lesson sample gave me a bout of anxiety and delusions of abandonment.
    I cannot learn without printed books. I need to physically highlight and write on the page. E-books just won't do for my methods.
    What is life without printed books? Chaos.

  6. Yep! very much enjoyed taking both your online and book html courses
    – taking both in parallel was a huge advantage. The quizzes were a great way to bolster the info learned.
    Also avoiding the 'copy and paste' temptation is very important – typing out all the code by hand really makes it 'stick'.

  7. Hi Stefan, thank you again for a great inspirational video. I am currently busy with you're course. I am unfortunately in a country where data is extremely expensive and just as unreliable. I am not able to install WIFI because at home it is just not available. I have it at work, but your courses can only be viewed online. Is there a function to download one or two videos to do at home that I am not aware of? As you said daily study is the best, but I can only study on days that I am connected, but this can be days apart. It throws off track every time. Any suggestions please? Thank you for all your effort!!

  8. When your going through these do you just sit down and read them cover to cover and then go back and use what you've learnt or do you code alongside reading

  9. I really love books but I almost never find the headspeace where I can really sit down with them and learn to code from them. When I just have to read – that's totally fine … everything else, meh. :/ Makes me sad a bit but I learn really good from videos & tutorials like the ones on Udacity 🙂

  10. About that tactile thing and understanding… Funny thing, in Finnish hand is "käsi" and to understand or to comprehend is "käsittää" ( = to hand literally). There really is a point to writing a lot of code already as a novice and there is nothing wrong with doing some of it by hand, you learn syntax and can make outlines to get a better grasp of bigger constructs ?

    Thanks for the great content!


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