The Best Whale Breaches Caught On Camera | But Why Do They Breach?


Whales breaching are one of nature’s most breathtaking sights but scientists can’t agree why they do it. In this video, we take a look at some of the theories and of course show you some of the most mammoth whale breaches of all time!

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  1. Actually I think they're cleaning their skin too. The water pressure when it comes down has to be knocking things off of them

  2. 36 years ago, when I was 16, I went with my English class to New Bedford, Mass (from Connecticut) to go on whale watching trip. We'd just read Moby Dick, which is set in New Bedford. We were lucky to see several whales breach. I had no idea it would a transporting spiritual experience that I would never forget.

  3. They breach to try and remove Barnacles from their body . They also try to scrape them off any way they can .

  4. They breach (also) because their Creator wanted us to see what would otherwise remain hidden until the 100 or so years since diving became a thing.


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