Thể Dục Thẩm Mỹ với Kỳ Duyên & PBN Dancers


Thể Dục Thẩm Mỹ với Kỳ Duyên & PBN Dancers
1. Phần Làm Nóng Cơ Thể / Warm Up 1:59
2. Phần Tập Vận Động Tim Mạch / Cardio Blast 7:30
3. Phần Tập Tay Thon / Arm Sculpting 12:36
4. Phần Tập Đôi Chân / Hot Legs 18:15
5. Phần Tập Bụng / Hard Core Abs 23:56
6. Phần Tập Thư Giã Bắ Thịt / Stretch it Out 29:25
7. Giải Đáp Thắc Mắc 35:03

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.
Before you being this program, you should have permission
from your doctor to participate in vigorous exercise.
The instructions and advice presented are in no way
intended as a substitute for medical counseling.
If done improperly, any exercise has some risk of injury.
If you feel discomfort or pain, do not continue.
The creators, producers, participants, and distributors
of this program disclaim any liability or loss in connection
with the exercise and advice herein.

Executive Producers: Marie To, Paul Huynh
Featuring: Ky Duyen, Eugenia Huang, Chris Quiban
Director: Shanda Sawyer
Line Producer: Teresa Taylor
Production Manager: Ken Nguyen
Director of Photography: Bengt Jonsson
Editor: Greg Rogers
Additional Editing/Graphics: Ken Nguyen
Camera Operators: Doug Chamberlain, Tristan Whitman
Jib Operator: Thomas Van Otteren
Hair & Make-Up: Glenn Truc

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©2004 published by Thuy Nga under license
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