THE GREATEST COMPACT CAMERA but is it worth $1200?


it is truly an amazing device. but that price is madness and the lack of an audio input is entirely bewildering

Narch –



  1. I just started a YouTube channel and am looking for a small camera to use in the wood shop but I agree too high priced especially when your budget like mine is practically nothing LOL but just want to say thanks you have helped a lot

  2. well atleast the mark VII has the mic input… but no place to mount it… so maybe mark VIII has a hot/cold-shoe where to mount it? 😀
    I am considering the mark III though… cheap… brighter lens… but on the downside also SHORTER lens. but then again 1/3rd the price… if I want to do more serious video (usually just stillphotos) then I can save up and consider the VII or probably the VIII by then time will tell.

  3. Your Video was OFF the HOOK Dude , Nice pictures & Video of the Big Apple, never been there yet.

    I will get this Camera , Last time I bought a camera was 20 years ago , ALL 3 of them I got now is SONY point & shoots.
    But this one is SWEET !!
    You got more Camera's than I have in Snap-on Tools , and I got shit loads of tools.
    Keep up the GREAT work DUDE !!!!

  4. Can you make interesting vlogs living in a remote area? I feel the best content is normally produced by city vloggers due to their environment.

  5. It would be the greatest compact camera, but Sony changed the lens from an f1.8 to f2.8. They also got rid of the built in ND filter. Not great. Canon’s G7x iii has the f1.8 lens and ND filter, but unfortunately they messed up the auto focus…as in it SUCKS! Lol. Both cameras finally added a mic jack…but messed up in those two areas. Oh well.

  6. Im running a canon g7x mark ii hasnt let me down great camera for 340$ on ebay? ima go for a dslr camera once i master my craft first, i just need to get on program with all the lenses and settings

  7. Thought it looked like poo til I realized it was auto 480p. 350mbit internet and a 1440 monitor, you'd think it would at least select 1080.

  8. Hey y’all I’m selling my Sony rx100vi…Anyone interested?

    $900 and in perfect condition. You can see my recent video with it plus caseys video for quality of it. Perfect for travel.

  9. 1 year ago google didn’t see this video and thats why they decided no optical zoom on new pixel. Cinematographyfail

  10. a year and a half later we have the RX100 VII, same lens and zoom, flip up screen, mic jack, you can get a cage that has a cold shoe and a spot to mount a power bank, it would cost me about $1400 canadian, which makes it a tough purchase, but it's come a long way from the original rx100 that I wanted so badly. but for $1400CAD, I can get an Canon SL2/SL3, 10-18mm, tripod and a shotgun mic. and probably still have money left over for lunch. it all comes down to what you need and what you're looking for. now I wouldn't feel 100% comfortable bring a big rig out to dinner. but also wouldn't be happy bringing a small point and shoot out that has bad audio and a small battery.


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