The Secret Android Button


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Physical buttons for your smartphone are a cool concept. This is the Pressy button for Android. It uses the headphone jack to hijack certain phone functions.

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  6. Something tells me that it probably has a function to let the phone know it's not headphones that are plugged in. What do you call the data that gives you directions? Oh yeah, directions, tutorials, manuals….Don't bother looking anything up, just assume instead.

    You have gained a very large audience that hangs on your every word. By not fully investigating something, you do a disservice to the consumer and the maker of the product. Don't get me wrong, I like most every video I see from you, but this time I think you dropped the ball. If "pressy" does cause a glitch, it's important to know, but it's also important to make sure that is in fact, the case.

  7. little Apple Fanboy, how do you even have 13M subscribers? That's a terrible lack of common sense, of course, the video is gonna be paused when you press the button because that's what headphones do?

  8. There is an for this , ofc 🙂 called " SoundAbout" that allows you to set audio to phone speakers even when headset is plugged in:
    Really stupid that this feature is not included in the pressy app itself.

  9. You slaves and your phones …such fake people, And nothing you have to say is of any importance…its all bullshit your masters told you…sigh.


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