The ULTIMATE ZED GUIDE – Best Tips and Tricks to CARRY and RANK UP | League of Legends Mid Guide


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This pro League of Legends Zed guide by Challenger coach, Panther, will teach you the tips, tricks and strategies to help you climb through EVERY RANK as the midlane ninja! Use these pro tips for laning, combos and teamfighting in your own gameplay to rank up FAST and be the best Zed 1-trick you can be to STOP mid lane!

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  1. The first 10 seconds of the video is him just flexing on us while also telling us that we are bad. Interesting

  2. Wait as a Zed main, I personally feel like half the combos mentioned here are really bad, specifically the ones where you Q and E before you R. When against Fizz with E or something along those lines, I personally WEQ poke to bait out the E before I R. Then I wait for my E to come back up before I REQR with ignite and autos if needed

  3. He's q's dmg reduction is the most unnecessary thing ive ever seen in this game. He is super weak early where he is supposed to be strong. Does not scale well. Very predicteble. Intense mechanics. Trash dmg. Just pick talon or qiyana, seriously. – a zed otp.

    Zed OTPs lvl 1-3 : wait did my q just heal him?
    Riot and bronze players : Nerf!!!

  4. why am i here im a 2m mastery zed or even more ik almost 90% of what he said diamond zed otp 😀 feelsgood to 1 shot

  5. Because almost every other mid main is a zed main
    I learned how to perfectly use the flash to completely fuck up a Zed ult and punish him

  6. The problem is that zed has too many counterplay issues,also his kit is only doing brust damage, and does not have any state change such as hiding or/and movement speed increase, shields, which many assasins have on their kits, not to mention his shadows positions are very predictable in medium/high elo,which is vulnerable to counterplay.

  7. what do you mean the side that is closer to your character,i know this is a late question,but i really need help

  8. It might be me but i just picked up zed, played 4games, and watched some guides. From what i see, there are few basic foundation combos but executed differently depending on situation so there are multiple combos. Like riven where you mix basic into complex. Might be wrong just my opinion from few games

  9. I need to slow down the video even to understand what he talking about xD Maybe because im high.

    Nice video mate 🙂


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