This dog was left alone with the child but what the camera recorded is amazing


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  1. You are 100%correct friend!! Really the dogs are so loyal to man !! They love their kids also ! They knows that very well!! Your all videos are so good !! Your way of presentation is so so good and nice!! Keep it up friend!! Enjoy your life!! God Jesus bless you!! Happy happy new year to you!! Thank you!!

  2. Excuse me, but are these people insane. They don’t deserve to have children, what if there was a fire, or someone broke into the house. Just leaving a bottle of milk? The baby sitting in it’s own pee or poop. I also feel sorry for the poor dog, who must have been a nervous reck. The dog and the baby should be taken to child services, to find parents, who have been longing for a child to give it the best home life , with a loving mother who stays home, with a pet dog.

  3. What a lot of nonsense. If a parent was stupid enough to leave their baby with a dog as a carer while they went to work, they would not make a video about it. Social services would intervene if this were true. Dont make this kind of crap up because some stupid person will copy it and the baby will pay the price.


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