This is football! ESPN FC crew blast Juve owner’s Atalanta comments | Champions League


ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe, Julien Laurens, Shaka Hislop and Steve Nicol lambast Juventus’ owner Andrea Agnelli following his comments saying Atalanta “shouldn’t be in the UEFA Champions League.” A particularly animated Lowe says people like Agnelli know “the price of everything and the value of nothing” and that they have absolutely no idea what football is.

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  1. Sack Juventus and send them back to Serie B. Stupid club who buys players from all the others clubs and wins only because of money. Juventus cant even produce one good player from their academy and give a chance in their main team. Even Moise Kean left the club. Look at the number of players Atalanta academy has produced over the years. They are a bigger club then Juventus for me.

  2. Would be great if Atalanta knock his high headed entitled team out of the CL. They are neutrals' favorite now.

    Forza Atalanta !!

  3. Mr. Lambs and his team are the shame of italian football !!!!!! !!!! juventus is synonym of corruption and sports fraud through drug abuse during years 1994-98. NEVER FORGET IT!!!!

  4. when you hear such words from these big men from their respective clubs, you come to wonder why Mancity are being attacked like that.

  5. Atalanta made it… what Agnelli is going to say if Juve fails to pass to next leg?!? Is it right for a team who lost 7 finals over 9th played to be in C.L.?!? 🙂 😉 Atalanta build his results with the new management taking over in 2010 in serie B and year by year making one step further. Bullshit that is was one good or lucky season.. Dea qualified for E.L. in the previous two years (winning his group vs. Lyon and Everton the first year) arriving 4th and 7th in the league. Mentioning Rome was another mistake: Atalanta arrived 3rd and Rom 6th three points back… how can he ignore this fact?!? Atalanta has been selling most of his good players in the past, but in the last two years it has also spend a bunch of money to improve the team (Zapata 26M, Muriel 18M, Malinowski 15M, Pasalic 15M, Caldara 18M)… and proportionally this investments are much heavier for a small town team than for AS Rome spending the treble.. are these investments not worth protecting?!?

  6. What this fool is suggesting is to implement an unmeritocratic qualification system for the Champion’s League where a team’s name qualifies them to play in the Champion’s League instead of their football.

  7. Mate, that's life hey. I'm an Arsenal fan and we qualified for champions league 20 straight seasons and now have missed out the past few years. Everyone knows the rules. We are not entitled to a place in the league, nor is Roma.

  8. Yeah the Agnelli family know nothing about football, they have owned Juventus for 100 years,
    ESPN just love ruining football.

  9. Atalanta, Leicester are the stories that makes modern football what it is today.

    A Narcissist like Agnelli would never understand that.
    Juve doesn't deserve such an asshole, tbh.

  10. 10 times more watchable despite having a tenth of Juve's Budget. Smart recruitment, good coaching, and tremendous scouting network. Atalanta is what every club should be. Juve is NOT.

  11. Juventus won UCHL in 1985(at Eysel against Liverpool, do you remember it?) and 1996(against Ajax, but with Juve's players all had taken doping). So, Juve couldn't play anyone UCHL season.

  12. I am against it because it removes the unpredictability and magic football can bring. Can it work though? Yes. Just look at the American sports, no relegation – same teams every year, still extremely popular around the world.

  13. agnelli, you are either an idiot or, you don't deserve to be the president of Juventus.

    Stories like Leicester City fairytale, Ajax, Porto (in Mourinho season) makes football worth watching,

  14. You shouldn’t be open minded to ridiculous ideas Stevie. This Super League is nothing more than an attempt to build a cartel by the most powerful clubs in Europe.

    For an example of what that’s going to mean for every other club see the difference in income and budget between your average premier league team and your average League 1 side.

  15. For once I agree with Stevie!!! ‘If you can’t get in and you can’t get out’ that isn’t just the end. It’s the finish line for european football…

  16. Many of these chairmen have inherited their wealth and never had to compete for what they’ve got. Not surprising they want to take the competition out of football too. These chairmen include: Agnielli, Al Mubarak, Al Khelaifi, the Glazers, and Steven Zhang. From Juve, Man City, PSG, Man United, and Inter, respectively.

  17. Bullshit comment by Agnelli. That's football for you . He wants that lower clubs shouldn't be allowed to rise up .
    Absolute crappy stuff by the chairman. Idiot

  18. The guy has guts to troll atalanta like that when his own can't win ucl even after spending that much money on ronaldo,cuz he's the only reason why juve are relevant if it wasn't for ronaldo nobody would care about juve and I'm sure even this season they'll bottle the ucl like they always do while a club like atalanta might do another ajax and reach the semi finals

  19. This is the biggest pile of horsesh*t I’ve heard in years and that’s saying something with fifa and uefa and football in general around.

    I now hope juve gets knocked out and atalanta makes the semis so that guys like this get shafted up their a**……

  20. Wow, I’ve heard about Agnelli before I think from Gab slating him but that was the most boneheaded and selfish comment ever, Atalanta’s rise is what makes this game great, if other teams like Sheffield Utd and AZ Alkmaar make it to the UCL, they give other fanbases a chance to believe, Sid’s comments were spot on… Agnelli doesn’t care about the game, he’s one of the ‘suits’ that cares about what lines up his clubs pockets…

  21. Now I want Juve to get knocked out by Lyon and Atalanta to keep on going in UCL. Should teach this snob a thing or 2.


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