Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Say They Have Coronavirus | TODAY


Overnight, actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson revealed that they have tested positive for the coronavirus in Australia, where Hanks is filming a new movie. Hanks reacted to the serious news with his trademark sense of humor. Natalie Morales reports on TODAY.
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Tom Hanks And Wife Rita Wilson Say They Have Coronavirus | TODAY



  1. Yo. Necesitó. Estudiar ya. Diré. Ok te. Llege. Vale. My de dos clase en españa. Te. Llege. Envió lo. Dices. Das gracias. De. My. Parte con. Mys cuñas. Ya te. Diré. Ok. Vuelvo. Cuando. Pueda. Ok. Te. Llege. Envió en dibujos. A e. I o u. Uy si. Vienen paso la conexión. No les ok. Alo. Grc. Te. Llege. Envió.

  2. Tom Hanks has always been playing up-standing, hardworking Americans, but his son's cultivating the image of a THUG? That's hollywood!

  3. Thanks Tom we don't want to be rude but why come over here when is a virus going around the world please stay away

    We have heard of coronavirus before, even if you don’t recognize the name. SARS, the respiratory virus that caused an international outbreak in 2003, was a coronavirus. MERS, another respiratory virus first identified in 2012, is a coronavirus too.

    You may have also had a coronavirus. Of common colds, about a third are caused by rhinoviruses. Other culprits include respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, and … yep. Coronaviruses. “Most people get infected with these viruses at some point in their lives,” the CDC says on their coronavirus page, and they list four of the strains known to cause colds.

    Lysol tested its product against viruses “similar to” 2019-nCoV, their website says. states that it was tested specifically against the 229E strain, one of the ones that cause the common cold.

    I've a can of Lysol, that's dated 2012, which have the HUMAN CORONAVIRUS on the back of the can, as well as all others Government made diseases.

  5. But at least they did the responsible thing and got tested! If more people follow their lead this wouldn’t be so bad.

  6. they are humans too? they too get sick? wow i thought hollywood actors werw ao rich they are untouchable.

    convid19: hold my simptoms

  7. This man is a survivor, he has already survived a plane crash, being stuck on a desert island, having his ship hijacked, serving in the Vietnam war.. he will be fine ??

  8. Travel bans should have been implemented immediately. Epidemics can very quickly turn into pandemics but our politicians always think of the bottom line first…… how they can get re-elected and the economy. People don't matter until it's too late. If we'd had a ban his holiness Tom Hanks and Mrs wouldn't have been here to distribute the disease. We have idiots on both sides in government.

  9. Woody gets Coronavirus, “U got a friend in me” song starts playing.
    Da credits role. For reals tho Tom Hanks get well soon bro, I love your movies and I will continue to watch them. ??

  10. Or hysteria over the coronavirus do I believe they have it absolutely not just a media player from another Illuminati puppet.


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