Top 5 C# Programming Books ? [4K]


Top 5 Best C# Programming Books: Are you looking to Learn C# or C Sharp Programming than are some of the Best C# Programming Books which you must get. I know C# is better than Java for some of you than let’s get start with it.

?5. Begin to Code with C#:

?4. The C# Player’s Guide:

?3. Murach’s C# 2015:

?2. Head First C#:

?1. C# 7.0 in a Nutshell:

For me there can’t be a better C# Book than C# 7.0 in a Nutshell which is Best C# Book to read in order to Master the C# Coding. Subscribe for More Best C Sharp Books Videos from Jimmy a Geek.

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  1. how to read programming books:
    First, don’t skip the introduction because most of these books describes how a language effects or deal with hardware or how the compiler works. second, work every instruction the book command you to do because it will definitely help you otherwise won’t make sense(why the author put it there in the first place).Third, go to every source the book command you to got to because it will gives you more knowledge about some subject; by the way try this android app, it helps you extract a URL without write it by hand (Extract URL – Apps on Google Play).Fourth, solve every problem the book gives you, it will teach you how to use what you learned and gives you more experience.


  2. HeadFirst at first glance appears good. I got throught around 600 pages and put it down. Never could have finshed that book. it was tooo long winded, and didnt get to the point


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