Training One Of The Strongest Classes To Level 200 | MapleStory Class Guide | GMS


In this video we’re training one of the strongest classes to level 200! The Explorer Hero! We will go over this class their skills and training maps!

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  1. guys i need help with my hero. i’m lvl 113 dealing 30000-40000 dmg only which is very low i check the stats and all n it seems like it’s not the prob

  2. I haven't played MS in 8 years, and I'm considering coming back to it. I'd be basically starting from absolute 0.
    Do you recommend it?

  3. I remember before Big Bang, slash ballast was the only attack from 10-120 then 4th job you get brandish, I was hyped to get it, then it became a 3rd job then I was introduced to intrepid slash, that was life changing ?

  4. Hi. Can i know which one will deal the best total dmg on this job? 1hand axe, 1 hand sword, 2hand axe, or 2 hand sword? Thanks!!

  5. I'm using this guide now and I'm Little bit confused in the quest scene because some clips are cut.. it's my first time playing again since 2005 hahaha

  6. Hey coppersan love the vids i do wonder… if you were able to change stuff in maplestory that you would change???

  7. K if coppersan is not in normal server than that's why he can easily reach lv200 in reboot. Reboot is the cowards way out and I wouldn't be able to stand these videos if are in fact from reboot ?.

  8. The heck? How did you complete Heizen temple that low level… shouldn’t you have been to low level for the bosses?

  9. Youtube suddenly recommend and upon watching this video, i decided to log in and found out, ngs hacking detected. Which i had not done a single hack ever. I did request support but didn't get any reply at all. Just wanted to check up after 10 years of not playing. Feels disappointed…


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