Ukulele Lesson 2 – Uke Open Chords – C Cm C7 F Fm F7 G Gm G7 – Ukulele Tutorial [UK-002]


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Ukulele Lesson 2: Open Chords. Chord boxes and more info on the web site! In this vid we’ll check out Major, Minor and 7th grips for the root notes C, F and G. You can play a whole lot of songs with these chords and they’e all pretty essential!

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  1. Im very new to Uke, but right off the bat I noticed that the G – chords, G, Gm and G7 are fingered exactly like D, Dm and D7. Interesting.

  2. I tuned my uke like in ur first vid And iT sounds loWer compared to your chords. Where. Can we find the right notes to tune different size ukes?

  3. Dyou want to be Tyler??

    try this course for beginners. it will help you master at ukulele in a week

  4. HI Justin, thanks for the lessons. Can you please provide a full course video on fingerpicking approach on ukulele?

  5. I'm so glad I can turn my speed down all the way in the video so I can follow along with my fingers copying his chords!

  6. I think one of the most amazing lessons in Ukelele: clear, amazing presentation, simple yet nice demonstrations. Hope more people like and subscribe this channel.

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  8. Hi Justin
    you are not just a great guitarist but a great orator also. Thank u very much for all your lessons

  9. thanks for the video. I cannot rhythmic strum the ukulele as you do and the sound is not melodious as when you strum the same string/cord. Can you point to the videos where it shows how to strum so that the successive stoke create music (as in your case) instead of noise (as in my strumming)


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