Ukulele Tutorial – Cm Pentatonic Scale


Here’s a tutorial on the Cm Pentatonic Scale. We work out several licks and discuss the playing and use of them in the blues.

New videos on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Tuesday of every month.



  1. Hi, Hal.
    I would love to be your neighbor next door.
    It would be great to hear you playing blues every Sun set.

  2. Hi Hal
    Enjoyed the workshop and concert at the WOU’s.

    Was following this tutorial and could not see the lick 2 was there one?

  3. What fun! This is so relaxing. I’m in my 70s and relearning how to play my uke. Because of neuropathy, arthritis and a damaged tendon on my left little finger I no longer have the dexterity to bang out consistent strums and melodies but I can do these short exercises. Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce these videos. I appreciate them very much. Mike.

  4. Great video…I really have to learn this…..I would some day love to jam with someone using the Pentatonic Scale while while they are strumming…I hit 60 this year and decided to get a uke for Xmas…have never played an instrument before….stupid question….if playing a song in chord of C….can I jam using this scale in any order?

  5. All Your tutorials are terrific and I'm learning a great deal.Thank you.This Cm Pentatonic Scale
    works in the key of C .If I'm playing the key of G must I use the Gm Pentatonic or playing the key of A must I use the Am Pentatonic,etc?

  6. Wow enjoyed that . My only problem is mine I use the baritone love the blues really trying to get the feel.Thanks man keep up the good work dude


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