Unit Testing C# Code – Tutorial for Beginners


Unit testing C# code – Tutorial for beginners
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00:00 What is Automated Testing
02:42 Benefits of Automated Testing
05:20 Types of Tests
09:22 Test Pyramid
12:18 The Tooling
15:13 Source Code
16:14 Writing Your First Unit Test
26:44 Testing All the Execution Paths
32:07 Refactoring With Confidence
34:24 Using NUnit in Visual Studio
38:25 What is Test-Driven Development
41:46 Course Structure
43:34 Summary



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  2. Don’t quite understand the property that is of User Type, I thought objects were used to create instances of classes, not as used properties?

  3. I've been associated with Mosh since 2 years ,I've taken all year subscription, and i can guarantee I have received more than what I've paid for. I have grown in my career and have been able to solve challenges that many experts aren't able to. Mosh not only gives you a path towards easy learning, but he makes sure you are able to sharpen your skills as you learn and think out of the box.
    I'm very grateful to Mosh and I'm glad he has also started to focus on Open source technologies like Java.

  4. I don't get that option "add reference" to my base project. Even after manually adding a reference, my testproject does not recognize the classes from my project

  5. Your source code link gave me this Dropbox message: "Too many requests Sorry, this link has been automatically turned off for now. Learn more about traffic limits."

  6. Great video for beginners. Mosh forgot to handle if user object is null. I think for a beginner, testing for null is one of the first things he/she needs to do for any variables being passed into a method.

  7. This is one of the best programming tutorials I've seen! The instructions and code examples were flawless. Thank you!

    Now time to write 10,000 tests for my code…

  8. I think that Mosh just had to promote ReSharper. Because the top tab in the "Run" section is "Selected Tests" and it can't be not seen. And "Window" section has "Test Explorer" where you can use "Run selected test" option. I do not believe that Mosh didn't know about this.

  9. This YouTube video is useless. Everything starts after this video, so it is better to buy the course, don't waste your time here.

  10. 22:16 I don't get that option "add reference" to my base project. Even after manually adding a reference, my testproject does not recognize the classes from my project …hmm

  11. Mosh I'm really glad I stumbled across your videos, you're really awesome at teaching how to code, I'm looking forward to keeping up on your videos on your web site.

  12. Hi Mosh, that's a brilliant explanation and I bought a few of your courses on Udemy
    I always recommend your courses to my peers

    How do you create those beautiful slides, what software do you use?

  13. WTF. This is not about unit testing this is about automated testing. Just pissed off to the max. Use the proper lingo so you don't confuse newbies.

  14. You have no idea how helpful this video was for me. Every single part of it was awesome, I understood everything and you make it seem way easier than I thought. Thanks for sharing!! (I know that its a year later but It still being useful :D)

  15. It is possibly common knowledge to most but 'edge cases' (10:20) is testing for extremes of possibility when interacting with your program, like input values which are technically legal but are highly improbable – the effective power bug on iPhone was due to a bug from an unconsidered edge case of text message input

  16. great video, i have a little question!! how a Test controller if a use session variables in ther constructor, or is possible to simulate a session? thanks for all!!

  17. Hey Mosh, correction please. We can run / debug individual test method.

    Better if you mention because your videos will impact thousands with a wrong information


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